23 May, 2024

The need of Fashion sense

Fashion is something that this world is concerned of alot in their life. It has became a remarkable statement among youths. But if you ask me that ‘is fashion sense really important?’, My answer would be, “It is important to look presentable and alive but the sense of fashion should be something in which you feel comfortable yet stylish and not something that is uncomfortable for you. So let’s get more into this topic, shall we?

    What is the major element when it comes while shopping in 21st century?

Earlier the fashion trends were different. People were more into skinny jeans, tshirts, good looking pair of shoes etc but as we can see now they are more into baggy jeans, oversized tshirts, hoodies and a pair of chunky shoes. Even accessories are center of attraction for many people and even males are into accessories. Fashion can be discriminated in terms of clothing, makeup etc. People also do have a career in fashion like fashion designing, fashion influencers etc. Fashion trends can be differentiated among the four generations namely,

Golden ager





     Among this generation, adults and teenagers are more concerned about fashion trends. They are easily influenced by others. They try to adopt the trends as quickly as possible. Even now-a-days, social media has became important factor of everyone’s life. There are people on social media who adapt this trends quickly and we call them ‘fashion influencers’. Everytime we look at them following the trends and the question arises in our mind that ‘when did this trend arise?’ . We look at them, we get attracted towards them, we hope that we could be like them but we should also think that ‘do we really have to dress like them?’. We should not compare our lives with them. Not everyone are same and not everyone has same interest. We should follow the trends but is it really essential to adapt them quickly as soon as they arrive? Maybe not. Let’s take our time and let’s focus more on what we are interested.

    As an 21st generation person we have to heed about trends and figure out which one is suitable for us; copying the fashion influencers is being like “chaper one”; don’t it look like infantile that we are copying someone.

Fashion is something we should be revel in it. Having a good fashion sense and looking fashionable where everyone is swoon about us is a top tier. Our fashion gives us Accord in our society; Our fashion should not insatiable in our mind. Our clothes makes our mind Idyllic; wearing not suitable clothes make feel chastened.

    We should not run behind the trends very much because we have a family to feed and not a community to impress.

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