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Blue Picardy Spaniels: Breed Standards

Origin: France.
Utilization: Pointing Dog.
Date of publication of the valid original standard: 24.06.1987.Desi receiving award
Classification FCI: Group 7 pointing dogs section 1.2 Continental pointing dogs; "Spaniel" type with working trial.

Classification CKC: group 1 sporting dog.

CKC Breed Standard

General Appearance and Aptitudes: this dog hunts close to the ground, well built for work. Its general aspect is much like that of the Picardy Spaniel.

Hair: is flat or slightly wavy; mottled grey-black in colour giving it a bluish tinge with black spots. Good feathering on limbs and tail.

57 to 60 cm (22-24 in) at the withers for males, a little shorter for females.

Nose: large and well open.
Muzzle: long and sufficiently wide.
Lips: chops large and well let down forming a square muzzle.
Stop: moderately accentuated but marked.
Skull: oval, relatively large without bulging parietal bones, occipital bone slightly apparent.
Eyes: calm expression, dark, large, well open.
Ears: must be set on a little above the line of the eye, rather thick, framing the face, covered with silky wavy hair; when stretched lengthwise, it must reach the tip of the nose.
Neck: well set into the shoulders. Avery slight dewlap is allowed.

Shoulder and Arms: slightly sloping.
Upper Arms: strong and muscular.
Feet: round, a little large but not flat, well covered with hair in between tight fingers.

Chest: moderately deep.
Ribs: well sprung and descending to the elbows.
Back and Loin: not too long, well held together.
Croup: slightly falling away.

Thighs: muscular; lower shanks long and well feathered.
Hocks: angulated without exaggeration and well feathered from the hock joint to the foot.
Feet: round, a little large but not flat, well covered with hair between tight toes.
ail: not much longer than the hock joint, never hooked.

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.
Skull: too narrow, not chiseled enough.
Muzzle: pointed.
Eyes: light, too small.
Ears: short, set on too high, too thin.
Feet: flat, splayed or too large.
Chest and Ribs: chest ribs too flat or too round.

n.b.: male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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